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Lease Options

We will find a tenant for you and help you get top dollar for your rental

Best Option for
• Current Landlords who want to sell home or new tenants
• Homeowners seeking the greatest financial gain from sale
• Sellers agreeable to closing date greater than 1 year

Our company Is unique in that we strive to present our client with multiple solutions. If your home is fully renovated and ready to sell, this program is for you. We understand you have done all the hard work and now want top dollar for your home. Our goal Is to make our clients feel comfortable and confident in the selling process. Our lease option program allows you to earn retail value or higher for your home. We will pair you with the ideal rent-to-own tenants and put cash in your hands in as little as 2 weeks. Those individuals will pay a monthly rent, covering the mortgage cost, and then purchase the home in 2 years or less. Often our home owners will be able to receive a bid higher than asking price by utilizing this method.

As with all our programs, we focus on making it easy as possible for our sellers. Once we finalize the terms, we will match you with the ideal homebuyers and handle all the paperwork. If this suits your needs contact us today. We understand how complicated a house can be, let us make it easy as possible. We want to work together to find the best solution for your individual needs.




Financial Gain


Client's Effort

"I was going through a stressful time with my family and didn't have the time and energy to sell my parents home. Working with Keystone made the process easy and simple..."

Brianna C


"Kassidy made me a fair offer and did everything she said they would do quickly. No complaints"

Graham S


"We would recommend Keystone to other sellers.  They were professional and honest. They explained all of my choices so my Wife and I were able to take the best option for us."

Jose G


"I liked working with a small  because they were willing to work with me. They cleaned, made the repairs and even found the realtor. I honestly think it helped sell the home faster..."

Stephany N


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