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Looking to buy a house but need a little bit of time? Check out our rent-to-own program.

Find Your Perfect Home

Buying a home is an exciting, but also challenging process. That is why our leasing purchase program is perfect for those who want rent their forever home, while saving up to buy. We work directly with homeowners to pair you with the perfect home and landlord.

How the process works:
1. Reach out to us below
2. Complete the Key Application
3. Submit supporting documents. We want to see how ready you are for purchase via credit report and income statements.
4. We will schedule an Intake session and pair you to a perfect home
5. Secure the investment funs
6. Move-in to your new home.

"I was going through a stressful time with my family and didn't have the time and energy to sell my parents home. Working with Keystone made the process easy and simple..."

Brianna C


"Kassidy made me a fair offer and did everything she said they would do quickly. No complaints"

Graham S


"We would recommend Keystone to other sellers.  They were professional and honest. They explained all of my choices so my Wife and I were able to take the best option for us."

Jose G


"I liked working with a small  because they were willing to work with me. They cleaned, made the repairs and even found the realtor. I honestly think it helped sell the home faster..."

Stephany N


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